GREAT pictures from Rachel and Devang!!!

Rachel and Devang stayed with us in the month of April in our very Romantic Honeymoon Suite. They where such lovely guests, who truly enjoyed their vacation. On May 2nd Rachel left us a sweet message on our Fansite on Facebook: “Thank you for the wonderfull service and care. You have made our vacation memorable […]

Nikki in Belize – 4 Days in San Ignacio!

July 13th 2009: Going to the mainland…. we went for 4 days to San Ignacio, and stayed at a very beautiful Resort. There I got my first signature massage in a Spa where they used Hot Stones… I never felt so relaxed before. They also have a wonderful garden with lots of fruit trees, flowers […]

Nikki in Belize – Fun night in San Pedro Town!

July 18th 2009: Sandra and I went to Jaguars in San Pedro as we where invited by our nanny Josy. Angel, Rachel and Minelva (some of the Portofino Staff) were there, too and we danced and laughed a lot. As you can see on one of the pictures, my dad doesn’t always like it when […]

Nikki in Belize! – A great day at Portofino…

July 9th 2009: Spending a day at Portofino is great…. I went swimming with my sister Louke in the pool, relaxed and sunbathed while reading some Belgian magazines and a good book. My dad came by and told me to go out and snorkel underneath the dock. There where a lot of fish and conch […]

Nikki in Belize!

July 6th 2009: Nikki & Sandra van Noord went on a full day Reef Fishing Trip. In the morning we already caught about 40 fish, including 2 Barracudas and lots of Red Snappers. We where catching so many fish that we decided to do catch and release…. Around 11 o’clock we decided to go and […]

Tamarah and Brian’s Beautiful Wedding

Tamarah and Brian got married here at our Resort, surrounded with great friends and family! This great day took place on June 5th 2009. For their wedding we shipped 60 dozen of Tropical Flowers Wedding. Our great Coordinators were Michelle A. Williams for Belize Wedding Planners & Lorraine Reid for Portofino Beach Resort

Welcome to our new website

Dear guests and friends, Finally Paul Jewitt and I are very close to the completion of our website. All the languages aren’t ready yet, however we hope that you will enjoy this new site! Warm Regards, Sandra and the Portofino Team