Pictures sent to us by Denny and Jeanny!

Once in a lifetime each of us finds our destiny The one with whom we are meant to be Denny and Jeanne found each other: everything is crystal clear We know that they will be happy together year after year. When they came to Belize, Denny was on a mission. He had the ring with […]

Una parada en Belice

CON TODO EL PODER DE LA INFORMACION    Managua, Nicaragua – Lunes 23 de Noviembre de 2009 – Edición 10516 Belice es un país que sorprende. Desde que se pone pie en el territorio, su población y sus ofertas turísticas halan el interés. Está poblado por tan sólo 300 mil personas, eso equivale aproximadamente al 5.3 […]

Portofino Beach Resort Attends WTM in London!

World Travel Market is the second largest travel professionals’ show in the world and draws suppliers and buyers from all over the globe. Monday and Tuesday are “meridian” days strictly for accredited buyers, press, airlines and other travel related service suppliers’ . On Wednesday and Thursday travel trade and press are still present and in […]

Exploring Belize: Central America’s Caribbean Destination.

Weekly Edition Newspaper: November 13 – November 19, 2009 | San José Costa Rica By Tim Rogers Nica Times Staff | AMBERGRIS CAYE, Belize – For many Central Americans – a predominantly Pacific-coast oriented population – the Caribbean side of the isthmus has always been considered curiously, if not distantly, as “the other coast.” […]

Paradise? You better Belize it!

Unsung Caribbean isle of Ambergris Caye impressed Madonna so much she sung about it. By: Tracey Thompson IT’S not hard to see why Madonna sang so longingly about this idyllic island paradise in her 1980s hit  La Isla Bonita. She was writing about Ambergris Caye, a 40-kilometre-long island off the mainland of Belize. San Pedro […]